About Me

 My Name is Matt Cline but who am I?

I am a kid from government low income housing that was raised by a hard working single mom.

The fear of being a statistic pushed me to become a high achiever. 

I graduated college with a degree in marketing  in 2018 and decided to not take any job offers. I started a business my sophomore year in college and since it has grown. In 2018 I sold over 5,000 pairs of shoes online.

My dream is to run a nonprofit for kids that have the same background as myself. Use my buying power that I get from my business to purchase Nikes for a really good price. 

I currently am in process of filing for a 501c3 and am going to name is Just a Pair of Shoes.  Because its not just a pair of shoes., its much more. Giving speeches to schools on the importance of higher education and etc is on my list. 

You can follow my blog for updates on Just a pair of shoes or my business in general. 

I started selling things online in 2014. I love Nike in general and love selling there products. I lived in public housing for 17 years of my life and made it out a few years back. 

I also run @themotivator5 on twitter ( we reached 100k followers in 2015)  My business is called Success Incline.  When you look at the logo: that little guy climbing the mountain is me and everyone else out there going after what they want in life.  

All my social medias are attached or you can find me on all platforms by searching @mattcline2

Lets talk 

Email: Successincline@gmail.com

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