My Adventures With Business

November 28, 2016

My adventures with business 




-Blogs by a Dyslexic Kid- 

Please excuse grammar mistakes I can’t afford a sectary yet. I am taking applications for one though. Dinner on me every Friday night, Christmas presents and gifts throughout the year, movie dates, and motorcycle rides. Lol just kidding. 

I truly believe people are born entrepreneurs, you either 
think ‘money made’ or ‘money spent.’ My brain scans everything, for example, 
when I sit down at a restaurant my thoughts are: let me get a water to save 
$3.79. When I see something in a store, my brain thinks I could buy that and 
sell it for double of what they are asking for that item. Through my 22 years 
of life, these are daily thoughts. It may be a sickness or it may be a gift. I 
have realized as I’ve gotten older, that my eyes see value in material things and in people.


Just by someone’s actions and thoughts I can tell what kind of character they have. For example, in sports, if we lose the game by 20 and someone on your team says “yeah but I had 3 touchdowns and I did my part”, then you can say that person is selfish. In reality it doesn’t matter what they did, you lost the game by 20 lol. The “me mentality” or highly selfish personality trait is one of my biggest pet peeves. You can say he’s not a team player, because he just cares about his stats. Some people don’t understand that yet, you can go 0-10 and lead the conference in rushing yards but does it matter?  The people in my circle today are, oh so valuable. I could go on about them for days but I know, you don’t care about that. I also wanted to just say that I am a normal guy and I don’t see myself better than anyone else. We all just want to make it, it’s not a competition, it’s a journey. When I hear about a close friend’s success or an achievement they have reached I am often happier and more excited than they actually are. I have found in life that you want friends like that in your life. That trait is very valuable and I thank my friends for always being there for me and supporting me through every adventure. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without the friends I walked with and starved with.  I wanted to start blogging to give back, to put my knowledge and experience on paper so people can read if they would like. 


Looking back at it now, growing up I always was hustling. I 
was always trading up or taking advantage of certain systems. An example of a 
system would be Kroger fuel points or what I do is buy a $100-dollar speedway 
gift card every month. Why on earth would you do that, right? Well, I eat a lot 
of nachos and drink a lot of Icees of course…. No, I’m just kidding I actually 
do that because you get 2500 bonus points that way. I look at it like this, you 
are going to buy gas aren’t you? Why not just purchase it upfront, get the 
bonus and just relax all month by using your gift card and still getting points 
for the gas you buy. So if you spend $100 bucks a month on gas, a year later 
that’s 30,000 points, that’s not even the points you get at the pump…. But 
anyways that’s a few gift cards at the end of the year with the reward points. It saves me from buying 
those little Christmas gifts for extended family.Another thought is you get 1% or 2% cash 
back on your credit card. My credit card has points and you can redeem them for 
gifts or cash as well. So If I buy a $100 gas gift card with my credit card then I 
get my speedy rewards points and I get 2x points on my credit card for fuel, I 
could go on and on. But those are the systems I’m referring to, there are so 
many more in this world, you’ll have to figure out the rest and take advantage because it all adds up. 


2011: Pop Tarts + Mountain Dew 

So back to business, I think my sophomore year I was selling pop tarts and Mt. Dew out of my locker at school. I was on free lunch, so I would get breakfast every morning for no cost and 
sold it later on that day…. Sounds awful right? Lol it is what it is. I 
actually didn’t start doing that until a teacher of mine would ask if he could 
buy my brown sugar pop tarts. But this so little and 
pointless right? I mean what’s a dollar gained? A dollar was a mc double to me, 
but this pop tart system had a snowball effect later in my life. 


2013: Gatorade Experience   

Senior year of high school we were savages for sure, we had 
so much influence over Fairborn high school. That was the year Michelle Obama 
put in some absolutely awful “healthy lunch plan”, at the time it sounded like something my 
grandma would do. Michelle was trying to make America healthy or skinny again, but she 
failed, she took away Gatorade, ice cream, donuts, and even pretzels for crying 
out loud. Too much salt is bad for you, she preached. Anyways back to the 
business part of this story. So I was in a store one night and came across a 
ten-dollar bill on the ground, I looked around to see if anyone was watching 
me, no one was. I put it in my pocket and headed straight for the Gatorades 
like a little kid going to the candy aisle. I then Bought 16 Gatorades with that 
ten-dollar bill. I walk into school the next day boldly, with an 
eight pack of light blue. A kid approached me and asked if he could have one, I said no but 
you could buy one and he did. From August to October I sold almost 1700 
Gatorades. I had Walmart ordering them for me and I would just pick them up in the 
back of the store. It wasn’t a big money marker. The average profit per bottle 
was around 47 cents. I think I walked away making between 750-802 dollars. More 
to that story… I had a key to the locker room, a big cooler was in there filled 
with ice cold Gatorades. I eventually got in trouble, I guess one of the 
teachers ratted me out, the principle approached me and asked me if I was 
selling Gatorades, I said maybe, or maybe not. He said well listen Mr. Cline, I 
don’t want to see anything again. I said okay sir, you won’t SEE anything again. Then it was 
almost like drug dealing. People would say they wanted a Gatorade and they would have to  meet me 
in the bathroom or the back hall in 5 minutes lol. The reason I stopped was 
because I had shoulder surgery and couldn’t carry a heavy book bag anymore, 
needless to say my costumers were pissed. I will say I was disappointed with 
the administrations, here I was hustling Gatorades, a young entrepreneur making 
a few bucks while there were kids selling drugs. Go bust the drugs dealers and 
stop killing dreams lol. 


2013: The Concert/ Dance Party. 

So we had new administration that year and they were really 
strict. Imagine going into a homecoming dance and the lights were on the entire 
dance. Imagine teachers standing there and making sure there was space between 
each couple. I’m not talking about the 80’s I’m talking about Fairborn high 
school’s homecoming in the 2012/2013 year. So me and Hunter Souders decided to 
throw a party/ dance and have our classmate and upcoming rapper Ty Spacely 
perform. (shout out to my boy Space, keep grinding) We took the risk and 
rented out a venue. We realized a lot could go wrong, we wouldn’t sell enough 
tickets to cover the expense, or no kids would show up and it would be a 
waste of money for us. We realized a fight could break out, or anything 
extreme. Hunter’s dad Ed made us a deal, he said if we sell 100 tickets for $5 
dollars each then he will give us $500 just because he would be impressed if we were to  
accomplish that. It was crazy, the administration got word of this and told 
us we were going to fail and that it was a really bad idea. The big day came 
and we had sold 117 tickets to our classmates. We did a lot of work, 
Hunter built a stage and had all the music equipment, I did the marketing and 
word of mouth, we created a short rap video and put it on Facebook to promote 
the event. During the event, some friends and I were the bouncers, it was fine 
if anyone got past me because we had the biggest kids in the school, featuring 
Uiversity of Pitt Left guard Carson Baker and D1 Morehead state defensive 
tackle: Kyle Roseborough. Hunter’s wonderful mother Tami and my mom were 
selling snacks and drinks in the back, it was awesome in our minds at the time. 
Everything went smooth, except someone came and got me, they said Matt I have 
some good news and some bad news which one do you want to hear first. I said 
the bad news… she said well someone threw up, but the good news is she made it 
to the toilet. I am still laughing about that to this day. We had a strict policy, no alcohol. The only other 
problem we had was some girl was trying to go back out to her car to drink, we 
wouldn’t let her back in. She ended up cussing Hunter’s mom out, but oh let me 
tell ya, Hunter’s mother is such a strong woman she wouldn’t take that and she 
threw that girl out. 

At the end of the night 
Hunter and I cleaned up, paid Ty Spacely some money and went home. We split I 
believe 800 or 900 dollars between us. Everyone had a great time and somehow we 
pulled it off and made some cash. 


2014: @themotivator5 


I started to a motivational twitter account back in 2012. Two 
years later it was at 110,000 followers. I had companies paying me to tweet 
certain things. Back then I made $1,300 just on advertisments alone. Then I ended up 
selling stuff on a website and posted the link on twitter. I still have my twitter account and still love posting my motivational thoughts daily.  


2015: Like new crew 

Hunter contacted me and 
pitched a business idea to me, about fixing iPhones. At that time, I had no 
idea how to fix phones or anything in that area. We decided to shoot for it. We 
made a twitter account, business cards, and even employee name tags. My motto 
has always been fake it until you make it. The market analysis was simple; the 
mall was charging 120 dollars to fix an iPhone. What they don’t tell you is 
this: the screens were $25 dollars on amazon and if you were good, the repair 
took 10-20 minutes at the most. Hunter learned how to fix them while he was 
working at Best Buy, he got apple certified so he knew what to do. We charged 
between 80-100 dollars to fix someone’s phone. The profit there was $55-$75 in 
just 10- 20 minutes. 


One day we blew up with business, we had followed a really 
good basketball player in the area. I don’t want to say his name or anything 
because I don’t want any NCAA violations to come down on this kid. But I will 
say this: he direct messaged us on twitter and we fixed a few phones for him 
and sometimes it was cash and sometimes it was court side tickets and a locker 
room tour. Next thing we knew we were fixing all the player’s phones. 

It was some of the 
easiest money I ever made. Every now and then there would be little problems 
with the quality, they were made in china so you have your ups and downs. The 
worst thing we ever did, was one time we were putting a gold back on my phone, 
something no one else could do in the Dayton area. We slipped up and we 
punctured the battery then the phone caught fire in Hunters hands. So picture 
this, a kid screaming and black smoke filling the upstairs bedroom. When the 
smoke detector started to go off, Hunter quickly grabbed the phone and ran with 
it in his hands, downstairs and threw it outside into a pile of snow. This is 
when we just started, luckily the only mistake we made was on one of our phones 
which is something I am thankful for. This is something we never shared with 
anyone. We didn’t have that much money at the time, we had just started. We 
both put $250 each into this phone repair business so here we are $500 in the 
hole and down an iPhone 5s for me. Here is probably the most interesting part 
of business, I have ever been in. This is all happened Tuesday before 
Thanksgiving. It was getting late and we were trying to figure out what we were 
going to do. We were desperate and extremely determined and you know what they 
say “desperate times call for desperate measures”. I said “dude lets stand on 
the side of the exit ramp by the Dayton Mall and take donations for breast 
cancer. We can wear pink Nike golf polos and maybe really make an 
impact.” So you are probably thinking what does that have to do with getting 
money to buy a phone? What you have to understand is the money you give to a 
charitable organization doesn’t just go to the cause, there are administration 
costs. American Red Cross is close to 10%, which is one of the lowest, meaning 
90% of what you donate goes to the cause and 10% goes to employee salaries and 
other costs. There are some that have extremely high administration costs like 
the Cherokee National Historical Society which have a 58% administration cost 
leaving 42% going to the cause. Another example being the NCNW (National 
Council of Negro Women) they have a 64% administrative cost. So next time 
someone asks for a donation be sure to ask what their percentage is. Back to 
the story, now its 2 or 3am and we are still kicking ideas around. We finally 
figured out what we were going to do and at 3am we put our plan together. It 
was now Wednesday morning before thanksgiving and we were going to get up and 
go fundraising. Let me explain: We were going to wear a nice polo and kakis and 
our name tags and go door to door in upscale neighborhoods. Thinking back on it now, 
it was honestly genius, but you really had to have some balls to do it. We had 
our business cards and a flyer we created at 3am. We went to bed and woke up early, 
that morning it was freezing cold. We knocked on so many doors, I did all 
the talking, we told them about our business, handed them a flyer and asked for 
a donation to Target Dayton. Target Dayton is a Christian ministry that feeds 
homeless people in Dayton Ohio. It’s something I volunteer for a few times a 
year. We had a lot of people donate and also had some great conversations. 
After 4 hours of doing that we had $166 dollars. We went down to Target Dayton 
later that day and gave them a check for $100 (60%)and we kept the rest (40%). 
We took a picture of us giving a check to the staff at Target Dayton and put it 
on our social media and website like we told the people we would. If anyone asked 
what the ratio was we told them as well. We had a few costumers later on just from 
the door to door. So take a look at it from a distance, we advertised our 
business, we did something good for our community, and we raised a little money 
to fix this phone. Somehow Hunter took everything out of the phone and rebuilt 
the burnt phone.  A few months later we had completed I want to say around 
70-90 screen repairs. We ended up shutting down the business when the iPhone 6 
just came out. 

Hunter had transferred to Ohio State, plus school was really tough for me and it was just too much for me to handle. I had a few other business’s going on the side and they started to make more money than the phones. We decided to retire, it’s funny still to this day we get texts asking for us to fix someone’s phone. To that I say: I retired, sorry. (I just got a text yesterday, someone asking me to fix their phone.)  Hunter and I split 4,000 or 5,000 dollars at the end and 
stopped. Barbara Corcoran is one of the Sharks on Shark Tank and she always 
says she likes her Entrepreneurs “poor, hungry, insecure, and have something to 
prove”. When someone asked why, she said “when you are poor and hungry you will 
do whatever it takes to get the job done.”  As I look back on that experience 
we were poor, hungry and desperate and we did whatever it took. My mom always 
told me when losing isn’t an option, you have to do everything possible to win 
and so that is just something I’ve always lived by.   


2015 Internet 


I started selling stuff online a long time ago. I can’t say 
much about it because its job security and it pays my bills. It’s crazy I can walk into a 
store and buy 30 sandals for $700 and sell them and make some decent cash. 
People in the store always ask me who I’m buying for, I usually lie just for 
the fun of it and tell them that I have triplets and my girlfriend has 2 other kids. 
Yeah I know it doesn’t make sense  because I don’t have a girlfriend and I am 22 but look 18 but they believe it lol. I learned everything 
with no guidance and no help and I think honestly it’s just been God’s hand on 
my life. People always ask me how I started and I honestly just tell them my friends would invite 
me to lunch every day in college, they all had meal swipes from their college 
food plan and I always paid out of my own pocket. I quickly realized, that I 
did not have enough money to eat every day with the guys. Right then and there, 
I started to think how I could make $10 a day. I took advantage of the internet 
and began making $10 a day and was able to purchase my lunch every single day, 
if I wanted to. 


Fast forward to 2016, Now I'm making enough to survive. For example, 
I wholesaled 25 Ohio State Nike sideline long sleeve jackets. I bought them all 
for $22.50 each ($562.50) back in march of 2016. Fast forward to November of 
2016 I successfully sold them all for $58 dollars each and wish I had more to 
sell. Making money is easy, I think saving is the part where everyone 
struggles. I have got to be one of the cheapest guys I know. Want an example? 
If i go to Mc Donald and eat inside I will always say to-go, just because if 
you say it’s for here they will charge you like .75 cents lol. 


My next business idea is 
simple I doubt I even use this degree I’m pursing in marketing, to get a job. I 
think I’m going to just start my own social media marketing company. There are 
many small and medium businesses that can’t afford to pay two or three 
employees 40k+ a year to do the company’s marketing. But they will pay me or a 
marketing company 1500 a month to manage their social media or PR (public 
relations). If I can get 6 companies, then that’s a six figure income right 


I also wanted to start 
producing motivation YouTube videos. I could tweet it out to my 100k followers 
and get a lot of views easily. Just need to find a partner to team up with that 
knows YouTube and has a good camera. But that doesn’t always produce money, I 
just want to do it for personal reasons, could be really successful. I will 
keep on buying in wholesale as well, the sky is the limit.   

2016: Lawns 

I don’t like lawn care businesses no offence. Someone asked 
me to mow these apartments for $85 bucks, I started out using a push mower and 
thought “okay, its 85 bucks and I can do it in an hour”.  Easy enough to 
say, I bought a riding lawn mower and now it takes me 25 minutes now. 



“The key to success is to 
have multiple sources of income, never have just one”- Warren Buffet. 

But what drives me? Why 
are you always so motivated and positive and pumped up 

What’s my motivation? 
that’s for the next blog, stay tuned.



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