Eyes Closed With Gators Nearby

January 4, 2017

As I sit on a small dock with my feet barley dangling above the water. I take my shirt off like I’m some country boy. I take a deep breath, pause and slowly exhale. My eyes are closed and I can feel the sun coming out of the clouds on this 77 degree day. There is a light breeze and with my cell phone on silent and no other distractions to take me away from this moment. I feel free, alive, and limitless. With my eyes still closed I begin to clear my mind and see where my mind leads. I found myself thinking about how bad the position was that I put myself in. Meaning that there is a few Alligators in the pond and how at any moment one could grab my leg and pull me into the pond because my eyes are closed. The dock I'm sitting on is starting to rot and boards are missing. In fact my uncle said I was crazy for even going to the end of the dock. Fear enters my mind quickly, but leaves just as fast. Knowing I have nothing to lose but so much to gain and that casts my fear away. 

After I laughed at the gator thoughts I began to clear my mind and it was extremely interesting on what thought or main idea came to mind over and over again. You truly find out who you are or what your purpose is in this life. You are what you think most about. I do encourage you to try this. It is a from of mediation. I think maybe I watched too much teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid. But on a serious note, when your eyes are closed and you have a clear mind what surfaces?  


Do you focus on the future, the present or the past? We all do all three, right? But which one do you focus on the most? 

Because you cant control your past if you focus on the past the most, you end up depressed. A miserable or regretful human focuses on the past or what they can’t control. 

When you focus on the present you tend to be more in control. Like the thoughts “I'm missing this but here's what I do have”. 

The people that focus most on the future tend to achieve more goals and work harder in hopes of the outcome they want.  

But when fear enters the mind it can be dangerous. Some fear what's not actually there or likely to happen. Just like the alligator and the thought of him grabbing me while my eyes are closed for five minutes. If you live life in fear, you’ll never enjoy it.  


-Matt Cline  



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