Refocus trip and 2017 thoughts

January 7, 2017


So I took a trip down to Florida to see my father and the extraordinary family members I have living down there. As another semester of college starts in a few days, this trip has been a refocus trip for me. To get away from my business and the 50-60 hour work weeks.  


As I attempt to relax I think about the new year and all the improvements that I would like to see in my life. Its crazy to see all the goals I set last year and I did everything I said I wanted to do. So this year I've set the bar higher and its really strange but I can see how much I have grown in this journey.  

As I recap on my trip down to Florida and those people that follow me on snap chat     ( username- Mattcline2) saw what I was up too. Like sitting in a 5 million dollar private jet, or two plates stacked a foot high with crab legs, shooting roman candles into a burn pile with some gas on top, and all the family time I got to spend. I honestly have a wonderful family. Not the perfect family, but I would say the all American authentic family. My uncles are very successful and have worked their tails off. For me when spend some time with them, I'm a sponge, I soak up everything they tell me, I watch everything they do and laugh hard enough to cry because of how funny they are. My family is honestly an inspiration to me. They all have these fantastic houses, and to wake up in a beautiful house just really motivates me. Like everyone has the opportunity to be successful we all know that. Some just work harder than others and my uncles are workhorses and they set the bar high. I also hate to leave, I just hope I make an impact that’s greater than me on each one of them. My aunt is also one of the rare breeds of this world, unselfish, always has a smile, and always so supportive. She is also very successful in her career path and needless to say my family are busy people. Over the years I've learned to just appreciate time. Listen, I don’t want any of your money, we don’t have to go out to eat anywhere just let me have your time. Its so valuable when time is spent with the right people. I think we can all think back on a situation or a person that wasted our time and isn't present today. Anyways, for me its about time spent.  

So I wanted to start this out with: 


I want you to think of the person that never agrees with you, The person that is always tearing you down. The person that never has something nice to say. The man or woman that is always so negative. Got that person in mind? Maybe, its time to let them go. Maybe its time to slowly get away from them. Weather it’s a friend or family member, maybe you should keep your distance. For me 2017 is a big change. I know people say that every year, I understand that but its not about what you say its about what you actually do.  


Some of my goals for 2017 are just making my circle smaller. Not losing friends but at the same time not getting personal with too many people. There is a difference with running into someone you haven't seen in a long time and catching up with them. Compared to calling and talking to someone every day of the week. What level are your friends at? Do you want 100 pennies or four quarters, or how about two half dollars? I've decided to let some people go and its not that they did anything wrong. I still consider them friends and I hope they are doing really well, but for me I just want to tighten my circle. I think we all take different paths and not everyone in your life is going to go with you. People come and people go, it’s the impact you made on them, what matters. Be careful where you put your time, because time is money. Its about who you spend the most time with because you become those people. If you don’t like your life  then change your friends. Let me guess, its uncomfortable or its too hard? If you don’t struggle you don’t grow, I think people forget that. The hard choices are what make or break where you end up in life. What you have now reflects on the tough choices you have made.  


I just think 2017 is about connecting to more likeminded people. People that have similar paths as the one you are traveling on currently. For me I asked a few people that actually know me well, I asked them what are two things I do really bad and two things I do really well? I honestly could care less about what I do well. I asked the question in order to see what I don’t do so well, so I can improve. If they truly care for you they will be honest when the question is asked. Don't ask your mom because your mom will always love you no matter what. If someone says well you don’t do anything wrong then they are lying. It was interesting to see what things people thought I did wrong or I wasn’t strong at. Everyone has a different answer and its awesome.  


The big plan for 2017 is tighten down my circle of close friends. Also plan to start 2 new business adventures and to personally grow in phycology and sociology. I want to know why someone is the way they are. What event happened in their life that made them what they are today. Another goal is to love my friends and family on a greater level. To make more money and take care of all of the people that took care of me.  

To make an impact on someone or this world that is bigger than just me. Its not what we get that makes us happy, it who we become and what we are able to give when we become more.......  

Resolution means to resolve a problem.


When you start to think about it, it's about what you focus on in life.  What you focus on totally effects your life. Think about it, what ever you focus on you will feel, even if it's not true. Focus determines direction but whats the problem? Most of us don't control our focus, we let the world around us control it. The news and media can grab our focus and attention quickly. By changing your focus you change your life. So that's another thing I really want to do this year is to stay focused when everyone else is no longer focused. 

How will you improve this year?  I would love to hear so lets discuss because its about to be a great year. 


Excuse my poor grammar and multiple mistakes,

Matt Cline



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