What the heck do you think about??

June 23, 2017


As I am on vacation down in Florida visiting my family I decided to use my free time to write some stuff down. During the 14-hour car ride my mind was focused on a few things. As I am soooo busy hustling that I really don’t have time to write blogs anymore. Business has sky rocketed and it’s been a major blessing. I keep wondering why God keeps giving me so much. As I do not have much time, I didn’t edit this too much, excuse the mistakes, I’ve been fishing and spending quality time with my family. I am currently pool side writing my thoughts down as quickly as possible.

The power of a thought.

I’ve witnessed so many things that go from nothing to something incredible and I believe it’s this concept.


I’ve had this topic in mind for many months, as it’s something that I truly believe and live by. My successes have come from this type of thinking. Td Jakes preached a little on this a few weeks back and I thought, it’s time to write this down. I know it will be useful to somebody.

You have to think about this, a corporation is not a building. Nike could move to another building and they would still be Nike. At the same time, a corporation is not a person. The founder, or the president can die and the corporation still exists. The third thing it is not, is a product. A corporation can exist without a product.


John Deere could stop making lawn mowers. But John Deere would still be alive and could sell anything if they truly had too. If John Deere disappeared, the logo would live on for decades without even producing another product because everyone knows who they are and what they are about.

What is a corporation then? Well, It’s a thought….The very fact is, that if I set up a corporation you can’t sue me, you must sue the corporation. So, what are we saying here? Once someone thinks something into existence then it doesn’t leave. Planet earth has been rotating for a few thousand years or whatever science tries to claim. If you took your life and went back 200 years, everything you use today would disappear.


Just going back 100 years you would lose your car, what you drink, phone, microwave, amazon, no big bang theory, and etc. Polyester shirts wouldn’t be a thing either. Better get those overalls on or maybe that wasn’t a thing yet.


The reality is that: Ideas have burst on the scene in the last 100 years. The problem this generation is having is that we are going in a dumbing down of ideas. Look at Television for example. Reality TV, we sit up for hours just to watch people act crazy so we can talk about it the next day. The people who studied arts, literature, dance, and drama are searching for a job but can’t find one. On the other hand, we have people in our generation that are famous for nothing. They don’t do anything, they don’t produce anything they are literally famous for nothing. You’re famous because you’re cute? You have thousands of followers because you’re attractive? You are famous because you made a sex tape?

Nice…. It just blows my mind but that’s life, some people are handed things and others work their ass off to get things. It’s the dumbing down of ideas. And when ideas stop, economy stops, creativity stops, buildings and corporations stop.


I say all that to say this; the reality is “what we think about, we become.” If we always think about reality TV, we become gossip girls. If we always think about what people think of us, we become extremely insecure. If we think about getting high tomorrow, we become chill couch potatoes. You become what you spend the most time thinking about. My whole stinking life I have thought about becoming successful. I’ve memorized all the motivational speeches on YouTube. I’ve listened/read to so many biographies. That’s what I think about and I believe it’s starting to show in my life. That’s who I am and what I’m about. For me personally, I might be sick or something because every single day of my life it’s something I reach for, it’s something I chase, and it’s something I dream about. It’s what separates me from everyone else. What do you think about every single day? What do you eat, sleep, & breath? Don’t give me the speech about how life isn’t about money. I understand that completely but when you get sick and have to go to the doctors, that costs money. Everything costs money, everything is a business and If you don’t have money you can’t function. Let’s get back to my point, Your thoughts…. Your thoughts control your life. You must understand the power of your thoughts.

When you realize that you are one thought away from being a millionaire, one thought from overcoming, one thought from starting a business, or one thought away from curing aids then you realize the importance of what you are thinking about. What the heck do you spend your time thinking about?


Do you have the courage to think? Because if you can think, then you can change, you can evolve, you can grow, and you can become.

That’s one of this world’s biggest problems, some people think their situation is the problem. Your situation isn’t the problem, your credit isn’t the problem, and your car isn’t the problem. Your thoughts are the problem. As the Bible says: As a man thinkinth in his heart, so is he.

Nike’s first shoe, a pair of Nike track spikes were a thought. Tesla was just a thought, and a failing thought at that. Elon Musk had this idea of an Electric Vehicle and risked everything he had to keep his thought alive. Now Tesla is Americas Most Valuable Car company. Thomas Edison created the lightbulb, he had some crazy idea that instead of lighting candles in the street lamps, he was going to just flip a switch and a light would come from a bulb. Orville and Wilbur Wright had some crazy thought of a flying machine, but you get the point.


You are no better than the thoughts you think, if you think little you will have little. If you think you can’t make it, don’t worry, you never will. I said this to someone a few weeks back that was going through a tough time. They responded well next month I will pay my bills with positivity.

Don’t miss the point like they did. Gratitude is powerful, and you can’t have a negative attitude and have a positive life


I received a ton of medals in high school track, if you would have asked me who was going to win the race, my response was: Me. I always believed I was going to win, even if I was the underdog. I always believed I was going to have a break through. One night at a track meet on a huge stage I was placed in lane 8. In other words, I was seeded the least likely to win out of the 8 people in the race AKA ‘the slowest man.’ The gun went off and boy let me tell yeah, I ran like the wind blew. I won the race and everyone was shocked. The point I’m trying to make is, if you think you are going to lose, you will. It’s all mentality and the thoughts you think.


Part of that has something to do with confidence. Too much is a bad thing but you should always believe in yourself because no one else will. I would like to point out that the people that criticize others of being too cocky generally are the ones that lack confidence.

It’s a soft generation people quit on everything. The #1 thing to look for when looking at the opposite sex is mental toughness. Mental toughness usually comes from a few different backgrounds: athletics, single parent homes, hardship, or the military to name a few.


The opposite of strong is weak. If you are mentally strong you’ll never be happy with a mentally weak person. The puzzle pieces all have to lineup. For me personally if a girl’s mindset is off or I can see she’s very weak, then there is no second date. Why would I want someone that always quits? That’s one of the many reasons marriages are failing in the united states. When things get hard people quit. Why? Because it’s easy, and the average person takes the easy road over the hard road every time. Like I said, it starts and ends with your thoughts.


You’re one idea away…just one thought. So now is the season for you to move distractions, out of the way. Find a peaceful place to think and to start coming up with a scheme. Ask yourself what can I do that can make my thoughts better, which in the long run will make my life better. Stop thinking about big brother no one cares what happened in season 5 or who was even on the show. Biggest waste of time in the world. Stop thinking about who is going to do the super bowl halftime show this year. Stop thinking about what people think of you and wasting your life trying to please everyone else.

Start thinking about your future and what is going to create happiness and value in your life. Start thinking about what you are going to buy your mom when you become super successful. Start thinking of the next million-dollar idea, or which career path you want to take. Start thinking about what you really want in life and most importantly how you’re going to get it.

One thought away from massive success. You’re probably not understanding what I’m saying…Your thoughts are either rising you up or bringing you down. The ball is in your court… it’s your move. The average person doesn’t think this way. The average person isn’t rich either. And rich I mean Rich in all areas of life.


It only takes One thought to transform an alcoholic of his/her addiction. With one thought of:
 What is behind me will not control me. I will break the chains on my yesterdays and 
 One thought, on one day you will let go of the past, with one thought you will decide to change your life.

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