Thoughts on 23

September 23, 2017


Thoughts on 23



Today is a massive milestone for me and it’s not really even about my age. On the business side of things I have eclipsed something ridiculous.

Im a very public person, I always have been. I think theres a point where things don’t need to be public anymore. I want to be considered normal, not elite or intimidating. Im as normal as they come, ill even drink water from the sink, theres nothing high class about me.


I just wanted to jot down some thoughts during this milestone day.


In 23 years, I have had so many people in my life.

 I think I need to just show appreciation. As I think, my mind flows with a few important people in my life.

We all have had people leave, that’s just part of life. Our thoughts always go back to who left or who never showed up, it imprints internally.

As I look back I’ve had people that just got up and left,

I’ve had people throw the friendship I had with them away for a very small reason.

I’ve had people say, they will be there for me and never were. A little while back when someone asked me how I felt about someone that had recently left my life, noticed that I didn’t care.


Ive gotten use to it, Ive lost track.

I say all that, to get to my main point. How about the people that never left?


Through hell and high water they stood right there for support. On birthdays like these I just have such mad appreciation for people. I think about the people that never left and who had so much influence and value on my life. How can I forget? How can you forget?

I would have never become the man I am today without a few teachers and coaches from high school. They told me to stop looking down and start looking up.

The coaches that told me to never stop running, never left your foot off the gas because the ones that do lose.

 A few neighbors down the street that fed me on Thursday night when we didn’t have any food, until my mom got paid the next day.

All the fathers that helped me tie my ties when I had to dress up. The fathers that taught me to take responsibility as a man and a leader.

The unbelievable friends that I use to walk the streets with that are still by my side today. The mothers that opened up their homes for me to stay when I didn’t have anywhere else to go.

The moms that put a coat around me when I didn’t have a winter coat. The mothers that listened to all my problems late at night when I couldn’t sleep. And my mother that worked two jobs, and never gave up on her kids. It’s the little things like that I will never forget.



 The one thing I do better than anyone that I've seen, is just being thankful. I think its truly gratitude creates happiness. 

Every single day I pray while I'm driving, I feel like a broken recorded every day. I thank the man upstairs for everything that I have and everything that’s on its way. I pray I never change, no matter how high or low I get in life. I pray for my friends and the friends I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time. I pray for the people that have been very good to me, I always pray that it comes back to them 10x what they did for me.

Most importantly I pray for the people that I haven’t talked to in a while, mad at, or are currently on bad terms with. I pray that they succeed, I pray positive things, wisdom, knowledge, and strength for these people.

Its just part of my daily routine and that’s something I never share.


Lastly as I get older I realized that I don’t fit into the crowd, not saying I want to. My mindset, life outlook, and life values are different from everyone else. It bugs me from time to time to be honest. I have always wondered why and what the heck has made me so different. I am curious, I just hope its worth it in the long run.

Only time will tell


Yours Truly,

Matt Cline



Thank you Todd Roberts, Cindy & Vince Michael, Ted Whalen, Jodi Newsome, Butch and Sallie, Moma Mohr, Scott and Wendy Kowaliski, Roy Thobe, Mark Landers, Coach Bam, Mindy Piercey, Mrs. Koverman, Mullenix Jones, Bradley Bachand and his mother Tami, all my friends, and plenty more......


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