I asked her out on a date nine times and she said no, nine times.

December 22, 2017


Recently I met a girl and over the course of 2.5 months I asked her on a date 9 different times and each time I asked she said no in some way shape or form. 

I’m surprised someone would say no to Olive garden, longhorn steak house, ice skating, and etc. 



Even after being rejected, the conversations between us was really good, and thats something I haven’t experienced in a long time.

I think a lot of people under value a quality conversation or a conversation, which results in going to sleep a little later than you normally do. 

But, back on subject here, on the 10th time she finally said yes. I figured I would change it up, and when she asked where we were going I said it’s a surprise. (We went somewhere in Cincinnati.)

Everything went super smooth, and; now, she is offering to take me out on a date to Olive Garden… So, I was rejected 9 times when asking this girl out on a date and; now, she wants to take me to dinner? Maybe I should reject it just to be funny. It’s crazy how the tide changes huh?


I think a lot of the times people just need a chance. A chance to prove themselves in life, business, and the area of dating. My friends hate when I preach this, but I am a firm believer in the fact that you are one idea away from a million dollars or one video away from YouTube fame, and one speech away from a million views. 



It may sound so Cliché, it’s such a simple concept in my mind but, may not be in everyone else’s mind… it’s probably one of the biggest problems we have in society, referring to the topic of quitting. 

Quitting bad things can be great, 

Like when you quit smoking, or when you quit the life choices you keep making over and over; again that effect your life negatively. But I feel that so many people quit the wrong things, especially anything pursuit based. You want the college degree but you quit because your math class was hard. You quit the gym because you don’t like discomfort or being sore (reminder if you’re sore your body is improving.)

 People quit their jobs because bad management or a bad boss. But many times, people go job to job and after a few jobs , you question how many bad bosses they really had. You even have people that quit in 10ks and marathons, remember that person never wins the race. 

The Wright Brothers never quit, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Edison, and the list goes on for a long time of people that were persistent. 


“The river cuts through the rock not because of its power but its persistence” 





This whole outcome just makes me think of one picture above. When digging for that diamond… which one are you?


Friendly reminder to not quit….

Even after rejection, stay persistent. 

The ones that never quit will get what they desire in the end.





Matt Cline



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