March 2, 2018

Update on life: 3/1/18



This is going to be a good post, I hope you laugh. Life is very interesting right now.

I’m currently at work its 8:55pm,

 I’m currently listing some new NFL Nike stuff online.


I am on spring break this week from Wright State, but it doesn’t feel like it. Its already Thursday, about to get back to hitting the books real soon.

This past weekend I ended up buying 670 pairs of Nike shoes. You should have seen it, imagine 3 rooms full of Nike shoe boxes, stacked up to the ceiling. It’s just a large SEA OF ORANGE!


I never post pictures on social media until all the product is moved. I will probably post some pictures next week, I shipped out 400 pairs of shoes yesterday.

So, you’re probably wondering, how the hell did you buy that many shoes?


My answer is: a very large line of credit…. lol

I’m not sure to be honest, I believe I am $26,000 in debt from that purchase alone. My business credit card has no interest charged until November.

I took a $5,000 loan from an old friend of mine. My banker said the loan interest was 10% so I reached out to a friend instead of taking it from the bank.

 I just shot a text to an old friend, I said “hey, big business deal coming up, I need a $5,000 loan. I’ll pay 7% interest, a pair of Nikes and will pay you back in 120 days. “I believe I can pay that back in 60 to be honest but the extra days are very nice.

I get a text back, that said no problem meet me tomorrow at (insert location)


I think the feeling of trust, or just having them believe in me without hesitation is what makes me drives me. I think I just like the challenge and being able to deliver. The person that gave me a loan put their neck on the line multiple times for me when I was playing sports in High School and I lived up to their expectation.

So, I want to highlight that, find someone that believes in you. Find someone that bets on you.



We shot video the whole weekend and the process of buying all these shoes.

It was a lot of fun, I had a lot of friends help me during the process. It was awesome to get a lot of the guys I went to school with back together. 


So, the reality is, as of this point right now, I’m not worth a dime. I put everything I had into this business deal. My friends ask me how I stay so calm. You go try spending 26k on product you just hope to sell. For me it’s a little different I would say. My mindset is this: what is the worst thing that’s going to happen?

What? I’ll be homeless? Won’t have enough money to buy food?

The reality is I’ve lived in a homeless shelter before, I’ve been to the soup kitchens/ churches that feed the people going through hard times. I could do it again if I had to.

So many people are sooooo afraid to fail or afraid to lose. So many people think about what they have to lose rather than what happens if they win. You have to bet on yourself, don’t bet on anyone else just you. I don’t have a house payment, car payment, and a wife & kids. This is the time to take the biggest risk of your life. Age 18-25. I don’t want to look back on my life and think, I played it safe my whole life. So, the result of that is I kiss sharks, try to catch alligators, say things other people are afraid to say, and live life fearless. I can now, later in life it’s hard to keep that mindset. So, I’ll enjoy it while I have it.


One thing I realized during my mission trip two years back was I like control. As a kid I didn’t have control, the life we had was unfortunate and out of my control. The funny thing is, I started calling the shots as a young kid, telling my mom how to manage the family money. Saying hey let’s not eat this tonight let’s do this instead to save money.

As I grew older, I knew I sure as hell was not going back to never having enough.

I’m not good at basketball, but if there is 8 seconds left and my team is down by 1, I’m going to take the last shot. I want the outcome in my hands, not someone else’s.



Part 2

I’m in this business competition at wright state university. Winner gets $5,000 for their business.

I’m trying to scale my EBay business to another level. It’s a very interesting concept and no one else has this model that I have, I’ve looked all over. It’s nothing glamorous, but the model makes money.

So, I’m trying to win this thing, I believe the results come out March 27th.

Note to self: After talking to a lot of people, successful people/ business owners, they all are trying to push me into another direction with my idea. It’s very interesting that no one has run with it. I’ve had a lot of people want to invest into my business but am not looking for investments.  So long story short, lets win this thing and see if I’m right.

Should be graduating this spring…


Part 3


Recently started Dating the girl that rejected me 9 or 10 times. I haven’t dated someone in a very long time. I’ve been trying to build my dreams alone for 4-5 years. So, I’ve added someone to my team. My friends seem to like her, then again, I’ve never introduced previous women to my friends. Kathryn is her name, she is pretty awesome. She has helped with the business side of my life a lot. We work very well together, and she is mentally strong and that’s one of the things I look for in the opposite sex. So far so good, I think she is a perfect fit in all areas of my life. So, a big blessing, so me being worth $-26,000 at the moment she took me out on a date the other night. We both got quesadillas, it was really good. I ate mine, and she gave me the biggest piece of her quesadilla. This right here is HUGE! (she was full she claimed) That gesture right there just seals the deal, a keeper for sure. I promised her if she helped me with the business side of things that we will go snorkel with manatees this summer.



Life is interesting. I pray daily and thank God for what has been placed in my life. I have some really good people in my circle. I have women that mother me that aren’t blood, I have people that will pick me up if I fall in life, I have enough money to buy food every night, I have a vehicle that gets me from point A to point B, and the opportunity to make an impact.

What more do you actually need?


Last but not least, a very successful man told me, use someone else's money to make you money. He owns 8 car dealerships. 


This time last year I bought 60 pairs, a year later it was 670. I'm going for 1000-1200 pairs  in a few more months. Everything is a process, think of how far you've come. I look back and thank God I escaped.


-Matt Cline

Dreaming of CEO 







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