My Internship.

July 10, 2018

Blog post #2 


Took a internship down to home Love construction in new port Richey Florida.



Story is: his mom used to baby sit my sister and I at 3 or 4 years old. We have been friends a long time. I was in his wedding a few years back and it’s awesome that we have stayed connected even with the distance. ( I moved from Florida in the 2nd grade) 


Bradley’s step dad has owned a company since 2011 and Bradley recently got out of the army and joined the company. 

His plan is to blow it up with business. 

And that he has, the business is doing really well and they are making a huge impact in the community. 


I watch from afar but admire the work. 

Bradley is making some really good calls as far as strategy goes. Dudes super smart, he got a perfect score on the ACT when I got a 20 after 2 tries on mine lol. 


His thought process is pretty remarkable. 

It’s really good to have him as a friend because I’ll call him up to pick his brain on a new strategy or idea and he will give his thoughts and it will be out side the box and a very good / different perspective. 



Anyways he came up for my grad party a few weeks back after I graduated from Wright State. 


We have always wanted to start a business together, only time will tell. 

But I told him I’d love a job shadow or internship. 

Personally I want to slowly shift gears to remodeling and flipping houses or getting rental properties. 

This isn’t a thought I had yesterday..

This is an idea I’ve had for 5-6 years. 

My business now is just going to fund it. That is the plan. Like a stepping stone, started with eBay, made some money then started with amazon, made some money and now its like okay whats next. 



So Bradley and his wonderful mother Tami called me up and said hey we are flying you down for 7 days. 

We are going to demo a house and do some remodeling work. 

I’m super pumped. I’m ready to give them as many hours of labor as they want. 


So long story short, my spare time is learning the ins and outs. 

2 year plan is to 

Either move to Florida or make some moves in the 937 on properties. 


Here’s the document stating my goals and plans before it happens. 


I want a rental property by the age of 30 

And a used corvette by 30 as well. 

Nothing crazy. 


It’s about self awareness.....

I realized I work harder than most people. I realized I like to work. I enjoy putting 60 hours in. I need something where I can work as much as I want. This is my retirement plan... own 30 houses and sell them at the age of 50-60. I know what area i can thrive in and i know things i cant thrive in. Its about figuring it out for you personally. 

Where can I be good at and where can I be Great at ?

What will I suck at and what will I be average at?


Have the self awareness to know what system you will be good in. 

I mean sure you can do anything but..... what "game" or job will you be best in?


Life is a system, maximize the potential. 


Someone told me “ well there is headaches in having rentals and most people can't do it “




m not most people, and either are you. 

Bring it on, I’m built for it. 



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