Network = Net worth

July 11, 2018


Blog post #3 


Network baby... 


What I have realized is I have built a pretty Cool network. It’s not about knowing people it’s more about people knowing you in my mind. 


People that say I’ve seen your posts or I’ve heard about you etc. 


I picked up a great connection through an entrepreneur talk in one of my classes at WSU 


Long story short I was looking for retail space for my business so one of the business owners has a construction business in the Dayton area. 

He gave me some good information when I met him for lunch one day. He was really interested in my business though. 

At that time I was going into a business competition where the winner gets $5,000


He ended the lunch meeting with in my business $5,000 doesn’t go a long way, if you ever need more than that call me. 


Added him on Facebook as well which is not creepy. Thinking it’s creepy is a losing mentality. 


So I texted him last week and told him I wanted to get lunch again to talk about a few things and maybe set up a loan for a big purchase coming up for my  business. 


Long story short his company is doing really well. I told him that my business I have, isn’t long term and I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. 

I’m just trying to milk the cow for everything it’s worth. 


I told him I want to get into flipping houses and rental properties. I asked him for an internship so I can learn remodeling. 

He said that’s fine, paid for course. 

But he pitched a partnership. 


He said I have the capital and the crew to do the work. 

My question was what value am I? Why Would you need me? 


He said you have to run the crew, and make sure everything is going to plan. 

He is at a point where he has 3 kids and a family. The less work he does and the more money he makes the better. 

He said I can help you get to your goal faster, pushing you ahead of the game.


He told me to think about it. 


I can’t help to think why the hell does he want me, I don’t even know to much about the industry. 


I think I need to just go outside of my comfort zone and bet on it. 

He said we will start on a smaller house and just go up from their. 


Lately what’s very interesting is: people look to me for the answer or want my opinion. 

Some people see value I think. 

People trust me with money, people reach out to me for financial advice. 


9/10 close friends I have set up a meeting with me and ask what the best credit card is. 



I don’t think I’m some expert, or above anyone. 

I guess when you come from food stamps, living in the shelter, and single parent struggles you learn to budget and budget well. So many people just can't go without. Girls think they need Starbucks daily and guys think they need to eat out every night. That all cost money bro.. 

Coming from where I come from: 


You learn to not do drugs, they are a waste of money. 

You learn to be frugal and cheap at times. 

You learn the importance of saving money. 


So many people buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t even like. 


People think I’m rich because all my clothes are Nike and under Armour. 

I’m perceived the wrong way. 

If they only knew I buy all my clothes used from the thrift store. 

Last week I paid $23 for a shirt and that’s the most I’ve paid on a shirt since 2012 ... 

Its a special feeling Nike shirt, hard to find but most comfortable shirt ever. 

( style number is Nike: 833562-013 ) 




Thought about being a life coach or a finance budget guy but...


I’ll live by my own principles and see where it gets me.


You need to talk to people. I can not stress the importance of Linked in. 

Get in front of people and some people will love you and some wont. But its about finding that person that is 10 year ahead of you and hearing their journey and the lessons they learned along the way. 


For me I think I get lucky because I remind these business owners of themselves when they were starting out. 

expand your circle, connect with mutual friends or something. 

I strongly value friendship and just relationship/ connection with people. 

When I talk to people I can tell in 5-7 minutes i will either not like you or love you.


You become fans of people and you want them to succeed. 


If you are reading this and you don't have a linked in... you're losing. 

I can help you with that though, 


Remember your Network is your Net Work.



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