He offered me some tips on business, I said I was really busy. Few weeks later he pulls up in a black Lambo...

July 13, 2018

I beat this topic like a dead horse.

I’m fascinated by it. And I’ve blogged about it before. 


The power of perception. 


So many people get lost in perception. 


Recently my sister started dating this guy. 

I didn’t know anything about who he was or anything. 

She hasn’t picked “winners” in the past. 

I was in a business competition and came up short, finishing 2nd.

After the competition, my sister said "my boy friend what’s to give you some business tips. "

Guess what I said. 


I rolled my eyes and said "I’m pretty busy, I’ll try to make time to get lunch with him. "


A few weeks later I think it was Mother’s Day. 

For those of you who don’t know but my mom lives in public housing. 

I’m working my ass off to get her out of there, believe that. 


I say that to say this, I had to leave a little early from my moms. 

My mom calls me 5 hours later and said Sarah and her boyfriend stopped by. 

Me: great mom, I’m glad they came over. 


Mom: Interrupts me: he pulled up in a Black Lamborghini. 


Me: mom do you even know what that is. 

mom: everyone came out of the housing complex like ants and started taking pictures of his car.


Turns out his guy has a roofing company and a HVAC company in Cincinnati. 

He’s legit, I investigated deeply and now he comes to all the family functions. 


For once I went off perception and my sisters patterns of her past boyfriends. 



So now all of a sudden I look like a jackass because I’m trying to get that lunch appointment after I was " too busy" but I want to pick his brain on business and his advice for me. 


He has a very similar background as I do. 

Grew up really freaking poor. 

He was stealing food from the grocery as a kid and was caught multiple times. 

Lost his mom to drugs and just has a really tough background. 


Born to lose, built to win. Odds against him and he rose like a Phoenix. 



and I love hearing that about people. 

After hearing that from him I said let’s do lunch, I’ll drive to you ( an hour away ). 

He has yet to set it up.

He rejected my request to drive the Lambo but said maybe to his super charged corvette.


The power of Perception.



Now I could be all wrong he could be financing everything. 

He could be on the verge to losing everything. 


I see all these girls post a picture of “buying a brand new car” 

In reality they just leased it or took on the car payments. 


The reality is you can have a really nice car but you can be 2 months behind on the payment. 

There always more than meets the eye. 

Just when I thought I learned that and had it down pat.... I failed.


I think it’s also important to understand the people you think have the most perfect life usually don’t. 

They have some hidden depression or battle they are dealing with. 

The most beautiful looking people are dealing with something on the inside or have their own problems mentally. 


I don’t want to switch places with anyone my age because I see all the demons people are dealing with. 


I think I’ve learned to appreciate people that are real. 

People that are really trying to figure out a problem they are having or trying to better themselves. 

You need people like that around you. 


You don’t need people that are defeated.

You don’t need people that see no way out. 

You don’t need people that have a closed mind. 

You don’t need the negative thoughts. 


You become the 5 people you surround yourself with. If you think that’s cheesy then you’re probably losing. 


You need winners, 

You need someone that will push you to become better whether that’s through your friends or your significant other. 


You need improvements,

You need support, not jealousy.

You need prayers, strength, and someone that tells you: you can do it. 


You need people that believe in you. 

You need people that will bet against you don’t be fooled. You need the motivation. 





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