Home Love Internship Experience

July 17, 2018

Why was I working for a construction company ? 

Did success incline go bankrupt? 

Well not yet anyway! Lol 


There are some things I want to learn, that’s why I was down there for a week. 


What I learned in a week working for home love construction:





It was great, if anyone has a business I advise you to take a week off yours and be a shadow/worker for someone else’s business if you have the opportunity. 


I flew down to my hometown in Florida and offered to work for Home Love Construction based out of Port Richey Florida. 


I was a shadow and a sponge for 168 hours (7 days) 


I learned a lot of things in remodeling and other parts of the business. 

Margins, profits, estimates, and operations. 



Part of the reason I came down to work, was to demo a house. 


Using the sledge hammer was psychically demanding but very fun.  Slamming it against all the walls in a house and getting the house down to the studs was a long process. Florida is different than Ohio, as we all know. 

But I’m referring to the different species and insects. Cockroaches are normal and always present down there. So I’m hitting these walls and cockroaches are coming out and crawling all over the floor. 

I remember saying I’ve never seen one this big... 20 mins later I would say the same thing because they kept getting bigger lol. 


It’s hard, long, and sweaty work. 

This is no place for a princess. I say that because I think most people are weak and would never do something like that. Growing up in section 8 housing really shaped me, so this stuff doesn't bother me. I will never feel like "Im too good" to do something like this. I think thats a true test of character, if you can't something like that then I can't work with you. 


It’s hard ass work though. 

I didn’t mind it, someone normal on the other hand would quit after the first hour. 

I enjoy the challenge and just thought about a bunch of stuff while tearing down all these walls. 


I was trying to do as much demo as possible so their employees wouldn’t have to eventually do it. I wish I could have done more to be honest. 


But there was so much to learn on how Home Love manages their employees, manages cash flow, and handles costumers. 

They have a awesome business going on down there and keep an eye on them because they are really going to blow up and grow substantially in the next 12-18 months. Im calling it, putting money on it. These guys are working really hard and I was really impressed how much they are juggling at once. 


I also got to learn a bunch of other stuff:

-learning how to lay tile ( in an Air conditioned room )

-what a hammer drill is and how to use it.

-the process of buying a car at an auction. 

-installing outlets in a wall. 

-you have to pull a permit when doing something to your house. 

-and a bunch of other stuff I actually don't know what its called. 




Another thing I love about the company is they have a young kid shooting video. 

What can you video in construction? what can't you video in construction is the real question?

They are producing content each week and really making a presence in the city. As a marketer I love this, I love this. These people get it, and its going to pay off for them. 

Content is key, and the market is shifting. 

What they are doing on facebook with advertising and gaining leads is very impressive. Businesses in general are not taking advantage of this partly because the older generation doesn't believe in it. 

They ran an add for a front door install and they sold like a $3,000 dollar door and a cheaper one off a $50 ad from facebook. 

Wake up people, this is reality. 

They ran another ad on a stair remodel. With pictures of the last stair remodel they did.....bam a customer wants one done. Brad understands it, and there is a lot of success just from that. 

Great job home love.... very impressed. 



I got to see the problems that come with the business or something that is challenging them at the moment. Every business will have problems but whats interesting is sometimes you won't notice them. My business had a bunch of problems about a year back and it took someone else to see it. I think you get so busy and focused on your goal that you don't notice certain things. 

They wanted honest feedback of their business. 

What problems did I see? 

So I felt like an undercover boss and I am hoping that my insight I sent them helps. 


I learned a lot from them and somethings I will try to add to my business. 

They have a very good customer relation and it reminded me that I need to continue to go the extra mile. 




We worked really hard during the day and ate ice cream and watched tv at night. 

I look at it as an paid internship to be honest / vacation because the family that runs this business is the longest friend I have ever known. Not many 23 year olds can say they have had a friendship for 20 years.  As I learned a lot, it just made me think of my business and 

Things I need to start doing. It was humbling as well, I told them to pay me minimum wage ( they didn’t listen to me) 

But on a job site, I drank 4 32oz Gatorades and 2 bottles of water in 8 hours, I just thought... 


I make good money doing what I’m doing and I don’t sweat or have to physically work hard. 

My work is more time intense/ long hours and big risk.

Different business models but I really admire what they are doing. sometimes I wish I could trade places with Brad because that business is easy to scale. 


I can't wait to see how well they do. They are like family to me, love and appreciate them a lot. 

When you get a sense of happiness from seeing someone succeed then you know you love  and cherish your friendship. If you get jealous of envious then you need to check yourself thats not love, thats not even a friendship.

Thats a rivalry. 


Think about that in your life and unfollow the people that you feel that way about. 


But I really enjoyed it, diving all into someone else business is a great experience go try it. 


Remember problem solves get paid the big bucks... the bigger the problem you solve the higher the compensation. Even though I'm done with school, "learning Doesn't Stop". 



Planning to jump into flipping houses and becoming a land lord soon,






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