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November 19, 2018




Thought I should write a blog on the Nike shoe operation for the 4th and 5th graders in my local town. Just to raise awareness of how it really is. 


I’ve heard people say I’m all about money, or money is all I care about. The reality is if someone thinks all I care about is money I shake my head in disappointment because those people don’t actually know me.  Its very disappointing to hear that from people you love or someone you thought you were really close with. 


Don’t get my wrong I think money is very important. Growing up the way I did as a child it made me cheap, it gave me the drive to make money and save it. In high school I got my drivers license but we couldn’t afford a car for me so I didn’t have a car till I was 20. The only reason I got a car was because someone gave it to me, with 207k miles on it. It was probably one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me and I’m forever grateful. Even at that moment I was saving every single dime I ever made. I think it really comes from a fear. The difference between me and everyone else is…. If I fall, no one is going to catch me. If I can’t pay my bills, I cant call my mom or dad and say hey can you help me out? The reality is they just don’t have it either. 

I don’t have a well off grandma or grandpa to call either. Sometimes I wished I did but at the same time I don’t think I could ever put my pride to the side and ask for help if I needed it. One of my biggest fears is falling because no one is going to catch me. I feel like everyone has someone that will catch them. 


Life update:

My business is going alright. Hoping it starts picking up around black firday and December.  I make enough money to pay my bills and save the rest every single month but I'm a huge Christmas person. I have a really bad problem honestly. I always spend too much money on gifts for people or buy gifts for too many people that aren’t family. Ive learned that you either a generous person or you aren’t. It’s really just who you are deep down. 


So last year I had a dream... twice.  I had a dream where I was giving Nike shoes to kids in my home town. After the second time I woke up it was 5am and I said to myself: okay… I need to make this happen. 

So long story short I emailed the principle of the 4th & 5th grade school in my hometown. Luckily I know her and she said that it was no problem. I just told her to send me a list of 5-10 names of kids that need shoes or kids with holes in their shoes. 

Well, she ended up sending me 13 name but I did not take it to social media. I am not looking for a pat on the back or a “I’m proud of you”. I’m not looking for a spotlight or anything like that and that’s why I didn’t share it with anyone but my close friends. I feel like if I would of put that on facebook I would have had so many parents commenting of how great of a person I am.  Thats how facebook is though, everyone has to put their opinion in on what ever you post. 



So I bought 13 pairs of Nike shoes and it was a little over $400 ($32 ish each) . It was self funded and I got to give a little positive encouraging message to the kids in need. 

The experience was really cool. Most of the kids said that  they were picked on and made fun of for the shoes they wore. 7 kids out of the 13 said that they have never had a pair of Nike shoes. Two kids did not have socks on when they were trying on their new shoes. Now lets think about this, its November / December and its cold. If you have holes in your shoes and no socks…. You’re screwed.  So I came back and gave those two kids some Nike socks. At that moment I realized well, there is a problem here and it’s a little bigger than what I thought. 


So this year I decided I would give 20 shoes. My friend said he would give 5-10 and I would raise the money for the rest. So I shared it on Instagram and had a few friends say they would help. I got in contact with a local Nike store manager and he said he would give us a price point for shoes at around $20.00 and a 3 pack of socks for around $6 

So we have all the shoes covered but currently taking donations for socks. 

The official numbers are 32 kids, 15 girls and 17 boys. 

One of the 5th grade girls wear a size 10 in Women’s and a 5th grade boy is in a size 12.


I’m picturing myself handing a pair of shoes to someone that is taller than me lol.. 

Those are big feet though! Especially for someone that young. 



This is what the boxes are going to look like for the small sizes of shoes. 

I am thinking about putting a little post card in there with a quote or something positive. 

If you have a good quote in mind please send it over to me. 



We are set to deliver the shoes and socks December 10th and I’m really excited for it. 

I’ve always had a small dream to be a public speaker and to run a nonprofit. 

When doing this operation, I feel that I am living my dream already. 

I know this post is long, but I wanted to say my last point. I think you have to understand that hope and confidence is a really powerful thing for a child. I got my first pair of Nikes in the 7th grade. Kids no longer made fun of me and I started to excel more in athletics. A good pair of shoes gives a kid confidence that you wouldn’t believe. If you also give a kid hope for a brighter future, then the kid is deadly for success. 

So of course, I have my speech ready to go for these kids. I know exactly what I want to tell them.


I’m very skeptical of helping certain adults. I’ve seen a lot of stuff over the years and when I was in the homeless shelter as a kid, I knew who was always just there for a handout and who was there for a stepping stone back into a normal life. 


But when helping a child… its different. They can’t control the life their parents gave them. Sometimes it’s a drug problem or just a single parent struggle. Sometimes dad doesn’t pay child support. You never know what’s going on and at the end of the day the child suffers. So I believe you should always help the child. We did have 8 parents decline the shoes for the kids. I thought about it at night for a few days. Why would someone say no, I don't want my kid to get new shoes.... A few things came to mind but it doesn't matter. If you don't have shoes or socks for your kid then take the help. Especially if it is from a kid like me who has been there. 


I heard a speech from this guy a couple weeks ago. The speech was really good and it is now something I will never forget. The man was raised by his grandma when he was younger. At a young age he was in the grocery store and his grandma was using a food stamp card. A man behind them in line became angry and he said something along the lines of “I’m paying for you to get this good of food?” then the man behind them asked when are you going to pay me back? The grandma looked at the man and said I will never be able to pay you back. She pointed to the boy and said one day he will pay you back. 

The boy was the man giving the speech and he has had a really successful career and gave so much back. 

To be honest I cried, It hit really close to home for me. My mom will never be able to pay society back but I will. 



I will write another blog post of the experience once that time comes around. We just purchased the shoes  last weekend. (pic below)





​Nike gave us some great shoes. Nike air max, Roshes, free runs, and more. Really thankful, they pulled some strings for sure.  They also gave us new shoe boxes to replace the cut off tops. 

People always say money doesn't matter. But it does, the shoes were $695 and the socks will be around $200 after tax. The older I get the more I relate to the Joker from the Batman. 

In one of the movies he has a huge pile of cash. Half of it was his and the other half was one of the members of the Mob. He lites his half on fire. 

The joker looks at the Mob dealer and says "All you care about is money... It's not about money, its about sending a message" 


We don't have the same message but it is about sending a message. In this case it's a message of hope.

So if you’re reading this and want to donate a three pack of socks to a child its $6.

If you want to help heres an opportunity. 










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