The Start of " Steps to Higher Ground"

December 12, 2018

There is so much I want to say but I will attempt to keep it shorter than most of my blogs.


So yesterday we did the "Nike shoe operation" at the 4th and 5th grade school. It went pretty smooth and turned out really well. 

It's so hard to explain so I tried to capture most of it, either on video or audio to " put you in the game" if you would. 


I created a video and it should be on YouTube by now. (bottom of this page) .... but just explains the operation, for the people that have never read my blog or have no idea who I am. Watch the whole video its around 9 minutes. We recorded what we told the kids and the behind the scenes of getting everything ready. The last minute of the video is the most interesting piece. I encourage you to close your eyes and listen (last minute or so) . I'm going to apologize for my dumb voice and all my loud responses to the kids. Remember I may be 24 but I'm still a little kid at heart. As I'm editing the video I noticed I constantly respond to them as "bro". I was mic'ed up and in other words I think its like a sound bite. So you can hear the interaction with all the kids near the end of the video. There you can hear the kids yourself.


Let me tell you what I saw:

I saw a little me,

I saw joy and happiness,

I saw a lot of energy,

I saw appreciation,

I saw athletes,

I saw leaders,

I also think I saw a comedian,

I saw kids with no socks,

I saw kids with shirts too big, shoes too small, and pants too tight. 


The kids were called down by the principle and they all thought they were in trouble. When we told them what it was for, one of them raised their hand and asked if they could keep the shoes....of course. 



In the video I talk about the very large kid that was measured at a size 12 mens. He said he just moved here from Alabama. He reminded me of Michael Oher the NFL Left tackle that is famous for the movie The Blind Side. He was bigger than all the other kids and said he likes to play football. If he is in a size 12 as a 4th or 5th grader than he is on track to be a very large man. Seeing this kid actually made my day brighter. Reminded me why we do this. 

I guess I left out a detail.... He was wearing a size 10 shoe but he needed a size 12. Imagine wearing a size 12 but all you have is a shoe two sizes too small. Like curling your toes up and getting use to walking that way?????


I wanted to thank everyone that chipped in or donated to make this thing happen. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. I hope you can feel 15% of what I felt that day just by watching the video. Huge shout out to Home Love construction. 


The interesting thing that came out of the shoe operation:

I went ahead and contacted Walmart and target to see maybe if I could get a discount on gloves for the kids. They both responded we would love to help but because you aren't a nonprofit 501(3)(c) we can not help you. I'm not sure if its just not a write off for them or maybe its looked at as more risky with all the scams and crummy people we have in this world. Walmart told me they get a budget for local nonprofits each month and you get approved or not. I said well I bet your December budget is running low? The store manager said, no we haven't had too many come knocking on our door. 

My friend Jordan told me that Enterprise gave $1,000 to a local dog nonprofit. There is plenty of opportunities with a nonprofit. 



So I think for 2019 I would like to form a nonprofit and maybe do a 90% to 10% ratio or 85/15 on what goes to the cause and what goes to the owner. After doing some research filing for a nonprofit is a very long and hard process. Estimated at $800-1500 to pay an Attorney to file the paper work. This is not something I will do full time. I am very busy with my business. 

I think I will do the same as I've always done but the difference will be we will get some help from the local stores and etc. Maybe opening up a alley to gloves and coats. The idae is to bring back guys and girls that went to the same school. Gives the kids something to relate to. Its amazing how much influence a adult has in that school. Its like being a super star. They all stare at you like you're famous. The reality is not to many adults go into the school besides teachers and people that work in the school. It was really nice to go back to the school with one of my best friends Jordan as we have been friends since the 4th grade. The kids really liked hearing that. I over heard one of them say to another " we are going to be best friends like those guys" 


With the nonprofit idea I can use my buying power I have with Nike to get the shoes at a lower price and form there Can buy them with my nonprofit and give them out to the community. We will always do the 4th and 5th graders but if we have raised more or have more money we will get keep going to the next school in the Fairborn School district.


I think the name will be something along the lines of:

-----Steps to Higher Ground-----

with a basic picture of someone on a mountain top pulling someone else up. I think as one person you can't make the difference but as 5, 10, 25, 100, or 1000 we can. Someone has to do it... Why hasn't someone started this? 


Heres the video link




Thanks for reading! 


Merry Christmas,









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