2018 Recap

December 31, 2018

After getting out of a bad relationship in 2014 I ended up focusing more on myself and more on my family (mom and sis). Fast forward four years later....

After four years of not finding someone that fits my "high standards", God sent me an angel. Well, pretty much.


A bunch of people told me to lower my standards and give some of these girls a chance. I don't do any drugs and I don't drink for those who don't know me. I honestly don't have a problem with people that do. To all my friends that like to have a good time at the bar on the weekend, I say drink one for me bro. 


I saw the effects of those choices all throughout my life in my own family. Just putting it out there before someone thinks I'm some holy roller because I'm not so don't hold me in that high of standard. 


So finding someone that doesn't go out and get trashed with their friends every weekend was actually very very challenging.  I really did find someone that is pretty close to a carbon copy of me. So for anyone that hears "lower your standards" tell them to cram it. Also if you hear someone say: "opposites attract" they don't. Now magnets do but people don't. 

I'm throwing darts but not enough similarities lead to fighting and conflict of interest. So if you hear someone try to convince you that opposites attract tell them to kick rocks as well. 



-In 2018 I met my match in Kathryn Ford  and we started dating in January. 









- Graduated college with a marketing degree which was a huge deal for me personally and for my family. 





- Took a vacation down to Florida to introduce Kathryn to my wonderful family. We snorkeled with manatees for like $23. Proved my point that you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun. 















-Got to do an internship with Home Love construction. It was so freaking fun. I got to see everything about their business and do some dirty work. I think its always important to do the dirty jobs. You will never be too good to do the grunt work. At one point I was demoing a wall in a house that was a complete remodel. As my sledge hammer hit the wall big cockroaches came out behind the wall. As nasty as it sounds it was a great life experience.  If I ever become some big CEO of a major company or experience large success I will probably always go back and do some grunt work. It keeps you humble and on those long days I thought about my life and randomly what in life means the most to me. After leaving Home Love Construction there was a few things that inspired me.  A few things I wanted to take home and model.  And at the end of the day they are a great reminder that Family comes first and the importance of working as a unit, in business and in life. Having a family that works as a team is something I consider one of my life goals.




- After I graduated college one of my influential professors asked me to come speak on their entrepreneurship panel of alumni. It was cool to be on the other side of the table and not in a desk as a student. It was funny I went from listening to the panel as a student to being on the panel all in one year. 



-I was asked to perform the wedding ceremony for my cousins wedding. It was an honor and was really excited for both of them. I believe marriage is honorable among all men and not something to be taken lightly. 









- Went to North Carolina to visit my grandpa for his 81st birthday.  There is nothing like those mountains and the wisdom from my grandfather. 



- Sold over 3500 pairs of shoes this year which is around eight pairs of shoes each day. 



-Spent a bunch of money at Nike this year and me and the store manager developed a friendship. He says I'm his #1 customer but he could say that to everyone. When I walk in with my friends some times they shake my hand its really funny. I'm just a normal kid from section 8 and it always cracks me up when someone tries to treat me with royalty lol.



- Was honored to be a best man at one of my friends weddings. I now have 2 of those under my belt with a 3rd one coming in 2019. It is the biggest honor to be chosen for that role. It also makes me appreciate all the wonderful friends I have on my team. When one of your friends experiences some success and you're really happy for them that means its a true friendship. If one of your friends has success and you become jealous or envious then that must really suck. If that happens to you its time to find new friends or do some serious personal development. I love celebrating my friends accomplishments with them. 



-Started a "moving and maintenance" business on the side and brought in over 10k in revenue. Which is something I will put into my book one day. I can't say anything more about it. 


- At the start of 2018 the college I attended decided to put me on the cover of their news release of the new entrepreneurship minor that they are now offering.  Of course my mom was one of the first to find it and she printed it out and its hanging in her house somewhere. 


- This year I tripled my sales on Amazon and decided I'm going to keep more things confidential. In 2019 I want to fly under the radar. Iv'e figured a few secrets on the shoe market which will allow me to put up some crazy numbers in 2019. 


- In 2018 I went into debt three times. I think the largest debt over my head was $42,000. I was about to climb out of debt three times. In the amounts of 42k, 35k, and 27k. That's business when you're selling a product. Took on massive risk and usually paid back my debts in 3 months or less. I can't explain how it feels to have nothing to your name. I just love the feeling of rising like a phoenix when all odds are against you.  


- At the end of 2018 the company my friend worked for decided to close down. He had been working there for I think 5 years and he has half a semester left of college. I decided to offer him 40 hours a week if he wants it and to match his pay. My focus is to be the best leader and boss I can be. Should be interesting to see how 2019 goes with a little help. 



- I bought a van at the end of 2018 for some of my goals in 2019. I am not expecting any children... You can fit  a lot more shoes in a stow and go van than a coupe. 

The crazy part about the van was having enough credit card rewards points earned to purchase the van. An older van with 112k miles on it. It's my daily driver now, not going to drive the bat mobile everyday anymore. I think the most I fit in my car was 55 and in the van its around 250-300. The van should also help with my nonprofit idea. Also the license plate on the van is Mr. Nike lol..





-In December my friends and I all pulled together and bought Nike shoes for a local school.  I used my status of "#1 customer" to get some strings pulled and some nice deals on some of the hottest styles of shoes on the market. That whole experience was really fun and I think God opened a few doors for me. Really looking forward to starting a nonprofit in 2019. I am starting to lean towards the name of "just a pair of shoes" because a pair of Nikes Isn't just a pair of shoes. I think having this nonprofit will allow me to tap into financial support from stores like Walmart, Target, Kohl's, and all of the other big time corporations. The goal is to take care of all the schools in my city and if there is any other left over money I plan to dump it into some cities next to mine Tecumseh, Beavercreek, and then Xenia. What I am hoping for is for this to open up some speaking gigs with some of the schools. Promote higher education, and the importance of learning and getting good grades in school. 




Sell them on going to college but only if it is free or affordable. 

High school age I think the strategy would be to tell them what I do, hopefully grab their interest and then hit them with important things about life and life after school. Talk about how I was always suspended and in trouble at school etc. Telling them the story how I was suspended for lighting off a stink bomb in a teachers class my freshmen year will make the crowd laugh.  I don't know that is off the top of my head. 

To be Continued....









I cant tell you about the best and not leave out the worst. 


In 2018 I had my biggest loss financially. On vacation I watched my $600 drone crash in the middle of the ocean and sink to the bottom before I could even jump in to get it form the boat I was on. I was sick to my stomach for a week straight. Still kicking myself for not having a plan B, C and D! 



- My sister had a birthday so we set up a birthday party for her just my mother, my girlfriend, my sister and I. When my sister showed up she said that she was moving to Las  Vegas and that her plane leaves in an hour and a half. In other words she said ill open my gifts but then I have to leave. Crazy right? My poor mother was crying and it was just a really sad situation. The ice cream cake was never opened. 


-Moved into a neighborhood where neighbors do not wave back when you wave, I'm 0 for 11 currently. 


- I placed a bid on a house and lost. The winning bid was only $2,000 higher than mine. 


- Another costly mistake. I purchased metal tire caps, they ended up rusting or corroded onto the valve stem. In other words I could not get them off to put air in one of my tires. It ended up costing $180 bucks to fix. I'm still slapping my forehead. ALWAYS USE PLASTIC. 


Back to the drone.....

Don't fly drones over water or have a better plan of action. The plan was to land the drone on the boat before battery died. 

What I didn't think about was there was wind and the waves were big. So the boat was rocking side to side and wind was blowing hard..... Have a Plan B C and D... 






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