Life in Corona 2020

April 13, 2020

What a crazy time, such a WILD time to be alive. Seeing the world in ways we have never seen it before. I continue to try to look at the positives. I figured it was time to hop on and log in for a blog post. 

As a business we are not buying anything at the moment and haven't for a few weeks or maybe months I'm starting to not be able to remember. I was more scared of what the virus would do to my business than myself directly. Since Kathryn is in her masters program currently and she works for the business part time. I was thought if business went down we would be competently screwed as it would knock both of our incomes out. Like I have said in the past, no one is going to catch me if I fall. I don't have rich parents or someone to support me financially. As I have lost 75% of my grandparents, no one is going to catch me. That is always a thought in the back of my head. I continue to do what I've always done and left it in God's hands. Thankfully he has always taken care of me and saved me time and time again. He never fails and that is the truth. 


Its been wild, we have been selling a pretty good amount for where the economy is currently. Thankfully we have soooo many shoes, we had about 5000 pairs before this all started. All my competitors are running out of inventory which just means more sales for me. My worry is if this lasts till August and we run out of shoes to sell we may run into some problems. 


After 2008 I heard many stories of people that dominated during the recession and came out ahead of the game. When I think about this terrible time we are in, I can only hope to have a great story when this is all over. Think about it, we have no money going out since we can't buy anything but money coming in from sales. Nike is selling out of certain shoes that I currently have and people are paying top dollar since I'm one of the few that have them. I have actually raised my prices on some things because they are out of stock and if they really want it, they will buy it. 


I'm more worried about my nonprofit than anything else. We are actually doing good financially. A friend of mine last month donated a bunch of old games and other stuff. The deal was the items would get sold and 50% would go right to the nonprofit. That alone will cover half a school of 50 kids. If sales keep steady for my for profit business then I'm probably going to write a big check to donate. I think we will be able to do 3-4 schools but I'm not sure how this COVID19 is going to effect the whole operation. We may not be able to do anything until 2021 which is sad to me. Its like putting gas in a very fast car but not being able to drive it. 

I think it's going to last a long time, They just don't want to freak out the American people. 


Also for my few number of readers I'm honestly thinking about taking down this website. Moving my blog somewhere else. Somewhere harder to find my blog, for a few reasons. I recently did a background check on myself, its a long story. I used to to search myself etc. 

I was shocked to see what all came up. I mean, my Facebook picture, my website, my business name, the cars I own with pictures of them. It was just mind blowing lol... Not that anyone is looking for me or I've done anything wrong but it was just too much to be honest. Maybe you should search yourself and see what all comes up? I've always been very public and straight forward. I slowly have figured why my mother always taught us to be private. " Don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing" - Lisa Cline 


The less people know, the better.... Has honestly worked out to be true. A big accomplishment shouldn't be public. It should be kept within a circle of a few people. You're friends should know, the ones that you share your success with. If you share to the public it comes off as bragging and people will envy you. I was talking to a friend a few weeks back. I was trying to buy a $75 lego train set for next years Christmas tree (super nerdy). He made some comment like yeah you're rich now. To be honest I wanted to hang up, but brushed it off my shoulder instead, "not as rich as you"  I replied. 

Ugh, I have to laugh and shake my head. Although the only thing I'm rich with is gratitude. The people close enough really know how it was. I always talk about my upbringing and describe living in Section 8 like a cow getting branded. Because you can't always escape it. Living in interfaith's homeless shelter as a kid had plenty of long term effects. I overcame everything and I really thought that I escaped my past at the age of 18. Here I was going to college to play football the game I loved. Blow my shoulder out for the second time, realize football isn't going to last forever or even pay my bills after college. I come home and go to WSU and eventually my whole family takes nose dive into the ground. I never would of imagined my sister becoming a stripper. When my mom found out, she spiraled into a depression. I never saw her that way my whole life. It got so bad, my mom was taking my credit card and paying the bills without my permission. I literally had to sleep with my wallet under my pillow. At this point I think I had two years left at WSU. Keep in mind I'm selling used clothes on eBay and I just started selling Nike shoes. One day I had enough, I said I can't live here no more. I became homeless again but this time it was by choice.. Ugh, it's an awful feeling. Luckily someone took me in for a little over a year until I graduated college. (Luckily my mother is doing so much better now.)  I remember sitting in class thinking damn, If I don't pass these classes I'll never make it out. I always tell the story of Dr. Swazos class, he started asking the class "why are you here?" I was praying he wouldn't call on me. One kid replied well my parents want me to get a degree and they are paying for my college as long as I pass classes or something like that. I thought to myself dang, that has to be nice. No pressure or stress and one expectation pass the classes. 


I got my degree and was offered two jobs. Only because I knew two powerful people in the marketing field. One encouraged me to see how far I can take my business and if it didn't work there would always be a spot for me. When I saw the salary amount I honestly just cried. It was honestly like a pursuit of happiness moment.  At that moment I knew that I had made it. One job was for 40k and the other was I think 43k. Which isn't a lot at all but my mom always taught me how to stretch a dollar. so anyways, If some people really knew all the shit I had to climb through they wouldn't believe it. God has always made a way where there was no way for me hence why I'm a believer. 

To be clear, its not the woe is me mentality. I always think opposite when it comes to an obstacle. David Goggins has what he calls his cookie jar. Its everything you have overcome in your life. When things get hard you get in your cookie jar and remind yourself that you've been to hell and back already. You remind yourself that you're a bad ass and that the obstacle in front of you is nothing compared to whats behind you. So I see it as lets add it to the list. David Goggins is some crazy Navy seal that had a traumatic childhood. He wrote a book called can't hurt me. I love the book to be honest, I love his mindset and I'm very thankful I didn't have to witness domestic violence as a child. But so many people are battling things you cant imagine. Sometimes I can see it in a person but I just wonder how bad it is or what exactly they are battling.


"Not a lot of people know what it feels like to be angry in your bones. Everyone understands for a while. Then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he cant do, move on. I figured it out too late, you gotta learn to hide the anger and practice smiling. Its like putting on a mask."


Gotta play the cards you're dealt, no excuses. 

Someone else made it with a worse hand than you had. 

At least that's what I always remind myself. 



Forever the Underdog,



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